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Constant Types-PHP

Constant A Constant is an identifier (call) for a Easy value. As the name indicates, that cost Cannot Exchange for the Duration of the Execution of the script (besides for Magic constants, which are not simply constants). A consistent is case-sensitive with the aid of default. With the aid of conference, Constant identifiers are continually Uppercase.  A constant call begins with a letter or underscore, observed via any range of letters, numbers, or underscores. When you have described a Constant, it could in no way be modified or undefined. To outline a constant you need to use outline() function and to retrieve the cost of a regular, you need to really specifying its name. Unlike with variables, you do no longer want to have a Constant with a $. You may additionally use the feature Consistent() to examine a Constant's cost if you want to Achieve the Constant's name dynamically. Constant () function: As indicated by means of the call, this characteristic will return the fee o…